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Most 4WD truck owners use 2 Wheel Drive High Range to move heavy loads. BUT!
The easiest and safest way to move a heavy load is actually in Low Range. However, Low
Range is only offered in 4WD.
 When a 4WD Truck is in Low Range, it is achieving maximum
torque and pulling power. Unfortunately, turning in 4WD on solid ground places
unnecessary Binding and Stress on parts of the drive train, which can result in unexpected
When our 2LOW is activated it allows the driver to select 2WD in Low Range giving slow
controlled movement of heavy loads. It does this by Eliminating the binding and axle wind-up found while
in 4WD. And thanks to the to the planetary gear reduction in the transfer case this reduces transmission stress by
more than 60%. All of this with a simple press of a button!
You no longer need to choose between Steering or Gearing with 2LOW you can have both.
Here is some links to videos that explain the benefits a Planetary Gear Offers
                  – Reduces Engine & Transmission Stress by more than 60%;
                  – Allows Slow Controlled Movement under Load;
                  – Reduces Drive Train Stress;   
                  – Decreases Transmission Operating Temperatures;
                  – Prevents Expensive Repair Bill Costs;
                  – Delivers Maximum Torque at rear wheels only;
                  – Eliminates Binding in Low Range ;                  
                  – Great for Trail Riding.