2LOW Advantage

4 Wheel Drive trucks have an amazing piece of mechanical engineering built into the transfer case. It’s called a Planetary Gear Set, this device not only doubles the output Torque coming from the transmission it also reduces the STRESS placed of the transmission by more than 60%.

Many people have never experienced the true benefits LOW RANGE can provide.  This is because LOW RANGE has only been offered in 4 wheel drive making steering next to impossible.

This is is why 2LOW was invented, to allow the STEERING of 2 wheel drive with the  GEARING ( Torque ) of LOW RANGE. As TRANSMISSION SPECIALISTS, we understood that reducing the CYCLIC STRESS placed on the transmission by more than 60% when moving loads will significantly reduce the chance of transmission failure.

what is 2low?


Metal Fatigue occurs when a material is subjected to repeated loading and unloading this is known as Cyclic Stress. When the loads are above a certain threshold, microscopic cracks will begin to form at the stress points. overtime these cracks will increase in size, eventually resulting in part failure.

This common yet preventable problem costs truck owners thousands of dollars in transmission repairs while leaving them without their truck for at least a week. This problem gives no warning and affects tens of thousands of trucks every year.

This is why it JUST MAKES SENSE to reduce the STRESS whenever possible.

Below are a few examples of CYCLIC STRESS that we commonly replace.


How 2LOW can save you thousands

Broken Reverse Shells

Broken Reverse Bands

Cracked Clutch Drums

Performance TV



                  – Reduces Engine & Transmission Stress by more than 60%;
                  – Allows Slow Controlled Movement under Load;
                  – Reduces Drive Train Stress;   
                  – Decreases Transmission Operating Temperatures;
                  – Prevents Expensive Repair Bill Costs;
                  – Delivers Maximum Torque at rear wheels only;
                  – Eliminates Binding in Low Range ;                  
                  – Great for Trail Riding.  



 If you are not 100% satisfied with our product. Simply return the product within 30 days for a full refund. Learn more in Terms and Conditions.